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Today I read one article about 5 untranslated region or 5UTR which was a new concept for me. The translational efficiency of mRNA depends on various factors like the context of start codon, AUGs within 5 UTR and the structural stability of mRNA. The authors tried to find out the 5UTR features influencing the translational efficiency by comparing various High expression and Low expression mRNAs. They prepared a database out of this information called LEADER_RNA and the translational prediction algorithm.

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help plss in protein structure prediction

hi friends,
My name is Abhijit Jadhav.I m doin my graduate project in secondary protein structure prediction using Neural networks.I had few doubts and would be very greatful if you ppl could slove it
1.Is there some benchmark problem for secondary protein structure prediction using neural nets?
2.Is there some neural network solution algorithm for protein structure prediction like RBF networks or SVM?
Thnak you

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Molecular Level

Today I came across a very interesting home page belonging to Gale Rhodes, Professor of Chemistry, University of Southern Maine. The tutorials on Swiss PBD and Rasmol are interesting and the bioinformatics tutorial for beginners gives a broad overview which is useful even for the experienced. I have posted the link in the resource manager.

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Psoriasis is essentially a proliferative disorder like Lamellar ichthyosis mentioned below. One of the most effective drugs in psoriasis is methotrexate (MTX). Though traditionally we see MTX as an antifolate drug, this does not fully explain its anti psoriatic effect. Various genetic polymorphisms and its effect on MTX cellular pharmacology are described. Can the Bioinformatics study of MTX polymorphisms and its effect on cell division in relation to mutations in Lamellar Ichthyosis (Which are very well characterized unlike Psoriasis) be useful? Post your thoughts here and contact me if you interested in exploring this together.

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Lamellar Ichthyosis

Lamellar Ichthyosis
Today a gentleman from UK came to me with photographs of his cousin with a rare autosomal recessive condition called ‘Lamellar Ichthyosis’ which I have posted in my Dermatology Blog. A review of literature shows that patients with lamellar ichthyosis have accelerated epidermal turnover with proliferative hyperkeratosis, in contrast to retention hyperkeratosis which is more common. This involves a mutation in the gene for transglutaminase 1 (TGM1). The transglutaminase 1 enzyme is involved in the formation of the cornified cell envelope. Please comment on the scope of exploring the TGM1 mutations with respect to this rare form of proliferative hyperkeratosis.

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Welcome to BioBlog @

I have designed three web applications for the bioinformatics community.

  • First is an application to manage online resources for bioinformatics. You can add your links and invite others to see your links. You can maintain a list of your favourite links. There is a comprehensive search facility too. The database already contains more than 500 links.
  • Second is an application to discuss a particular topic in bioinformatics. You can invite others to view your discussion and opine. You can also post related sequences and do blast search directly from the site.
    Both applications are combined under a single login here.
  • Third is a bulletin board for bioinformatics where you can post a sequence along with a message and annotate a particular region.

Visit my Group Research Page!

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As a Dermatologist and Informatician my research mainly involves application of bioinformatics techniques and tools in dermatological conditions. However my research interests are varied and I have publications in areas ranging from artificial intelligence, sequence analysis, systems biology, ontology development, microarray analysis, immunology, computational biology and clinical dermatology. I am also interested in eHealth, Health Informatics and Health Policy.


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