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Vigyaan CD Part II [NX SERVER]

Running NX server & accessing it from windows machines.

To start NX server, click on KNOPPIX -> Services ->NX server.

The script is supposed to add a new user called nxuser. However this functionality is not working properly in Vigyaan 1.0. Hence you have to use the root account or the default knoppix account. But by default both these accounts do not have passwords. Hence you have to set a password for both these accounts.

Click on the terminal icon on status bar.
<change the password>
Close the terminal window
System ->kduser
Select knoppix
Uncheck Disable account’
Click Set password and set a new password.

Now on your windows machine download and install nx client from NOMACHINE.

Find the local IP of the vigyaan box by typing ifconfig in a terminal window. Now you can access vigyaan box from your windows machine.

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